Saturday, August 24, 2013

Is "Silly" or "Dorky" really a bad look on You?

I recently came across this blog article from edutopia.

The article reflects on how Google encourages creativity and innovation through building its' culture. The blog author continues the reflection as it relates to school communities. It even shows a video compilation of some of their creative assemblies.


This article made me reflect on the classroom culture and community which I help establish. I believe that my classroom is based upon caring, effort, and FUN. We are always singing in Math class, chanting in LA, and laughing in our morning meetings.

Other teachers sometimes have commented on how my class is so welcoming. I believe that it is partially due to my ability to not be afraid to look dorky. As my 16 yr old will attest, some of my jokes/ mannerisms are funny, but most just fall into the ever expanding category of 'dry/ lame Dad jokes.'

I believe when the students see me go into my "Lame Dad joke mode," it provides warmth and security as well as permission to not take themselves so seriously. One typical attribute of a 2nd grader is that they have a perfectionist streak. They like to get everything perfect the first time. When I give them permission to just try, it loosens up that perfectionist tendency and opens their mind to the learning.

So, go ahead and have some fun in class. Make mistakes in class. Laugh at yourself.